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Chung Shing Bus
Chung Shing Bus was Da-Yeh Transport Co. run by the Committee of Taiwan of Kuomintang. Da-Yeh Transport Co. was reorganized as Chung Shing Bus Co., Ltd. on January 18, 1966 and had attended Taipei City Public Transportation System in 1977 to serve citizens of Taipei City.
Kung Hua Bus
Kung Hua Bus was incorporated in October 1969 by Mr. H.M. Shen for the business operation of public transportation service in and out of Taipei City from Tianmu, Shihlin, and Neihu. Kung Hua Bus had joined Taipei City Public Transportation System in April 1977. Kung Hua Bus and Keelung Bus worked together in December 1997 to operate national bus route from Shihlin to Keelung by Chung Shan Superhighway.
Zhinan Bus
Zhinan Bus was Zhinan Motor Co., Ltd. and it was incorporated on February 12, 1953. There were only two buses in service then traveling between Zhinan Temple and Muzha available to the followers of Zhinan Temple. The company was reorganized as Zhinan Transport Co., Ltd. in May 1966. Taiwan Tansui Branch was authorized for incorporation in December 1974. The company has gone for the second reorganization on September 1, 1996 with a focus on the betterment of facilities and equipment in order to upgrade operating performance and service quality of public transportation.
Tansui Bus
Tansui Bus was Sanshia Motor Cooperative Co. and it was reorganized as Tansui Motor Cooperative Co. on August 1, 1974 to serve the residents in Tansui area. The company was reorganized again as Tansui Motor Transport Co., Ltd. on March 1, 1977.
Hsin-Ho Bus
Hsin-Ho Bus was incorporated in 1967 to operate the transportation route of Hsichih~Hongnei. The Hsichih~Tongsun route was developed in July 1979. The Hsichih~Beifong route was developed in 1980. Hsin-Ho Bus had worked with Taiwan Motor Transport Co., Ltd. to operate the Hongnei~Keelung route. Hsin-Ho Bus was authorized for the operation of tourist bus in March 1984. The company was reorganized in September 1994 with the outdated vehicles retired and the air-conditioning buses used for business operation. The company has taken over the Keelung~Chunglun bus route from Taiwan Motor Transport Co., Ltd. in December 1996. The company had joined Taipei Public Transportation System for Hsichih~Songshan route in 1997 for route 629. Taipei Bus Administration has contracted the company to operate route 51 in February 1999. The company was authorized to operate rapid transit bus blue 22 in December 2000.
Keelung Bus
The company was incorporated in March 1952 and was known as “Taipei Motor Transport Co., Ltd.” and it was changed to the name of “juifang Motor Transport Co., Ltd.” in June 1954. The company was reorganized for the second time and renamed as “Keelung Motor Transport Co., Ltd.” in September 1957.
The company has bus service provided centering on Keelung City including the area of Keelung City, Taipei City (Nankang, Sungshan, Kungjuan, Mucha, and Shihlin), and Taipei County (Panchiao, Sanchung, Chungho, Yungho, Tansui, Chinshan, Wanli, Yehliu, Juifang, Pingshi, Jofeng, Jin-Quar-Shih, Kung-Liao, and Fu-Lung).
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